Rising Higher runs Christian equipping events hosted by Trev and Ros Dunlop.

Cars only achieve their full potential when they use the fuel they were designed for. Put the wrong or low grade fuel in and they struggle, or worse, they fail to function at all!

We believe that for many years the church had been operating with sub standard fuel, that is, fueled by doctrine, teachings and church practices and structures many of which are non-biblical or things Jesus never taught. Like the Jews he came to, they were stuck in religion and man-made rules. He came with a replacement fuel that gives life and joy, but many have preferred the old!

In recent years God has been bringing fresh revelation that has exposed and continues to expose, the lower level of Christian living so many of us have grown used to. He is calling us to rise higher and become mature sons. The question is “How can we do that”?

Our purpose is to create a platform for the fresh revelation that Father is bringing at this time by putting on teaching events that embrace what to many appears to be new but is in fact nothing more than an unveiling of the ‘ancient paths’.

We honour the ‘old’ and recognise that it has brought us to where we are now, but many like ourselves, have a fresh hunger and thirst for the greater things!

You are welcome to join us at our events as we journey with a heart to embrace the ‘new’ and leave behind everything Father reveals to be sub-standard ‘fuel’.

“If we are to better the future, we must disturb the present” – Catherine Booth.